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Project CARS Go Finally Gets a Beta-Test Trailer, But...

...something seems fishy.

41w ago

Not only is Project CARS Go finally real (real enough to have a trailer, at least), but it's also starting a closed beta test for anyone interested in seeing how well the PCars2 experience translates to "one-touch" gameplay.

The graphics certainly looks like a step up from its supposed rivals in Real Racing 3 and Assoluto Racing, and the car variety matches that of RR3, with cars from PCars2 that RR3 doesn't have. But straight away, something is wrong. There's no tilt-steep, and the one-button controls look like it's done using gates.

From what I've seen in gameplay footage, it's...worse.

You can probably tell what's wrong with GamEvil's approach to the one-touch control. There's a gate to shit gears and a brake/throttle zone where one must tap, hold and release to stop and go. There doesn't seem to be any sort of steering input -- in fact, the cars stay more or less at the centre of the track, which is just about the worst possible way to go about this.

Why this? Why limit the controls to this level? Phones nowadays are about as long as most racing wheels are wide. They also have enough motion accuracy AND haptic feedback to give the feel of a wheel being turned and front wheels responding. RR3 even has one-touch control, with either braking or throttle assigned to a space on the screen (as opposed to a left/right split) as well as tilt steering. Assoluto Racing, meanwhile, boasts deeper control customization, some level of simulated difference between drivetrain layouts, and more focused physics. How is anything in between so hard to program in?

Even more galling is the name. Project CARS takes pride in its ability to straddle the line between full-on simulation and arcade approachability, and their implementation of virtual reality is said to be some of the best in the business outside of mods. To see their name in something as watered down like this when most players wanted a real mobile-tailored circuit racing challenger to RR3 and Assoluto is nothing short of disappointing. And it's not like the microtransactions seem to be any better.

I wanted this to be the one that'd make Real Racing sweat -- after all, Mint 3 is getting long in the tooth, and the install size has gotten larger over the years. But PCarsGO went to the wrong direction, in the process alienating anyone who's about to get this because of the name thinking they've finally found an alternative to RR3 and Assoluto. Which means I'm still waiting for NaturalMotion( the developers of acclaimed mobile drag racer CSR 2), Gameloft (who makes Asphalt 8 and A9: Legends, who or anyone else to bring a comparable "sim-cade" experience to phones. One that actually lets players drive and cars.

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Comments (7)

  • No tilt steering? Y i k e s.

    Want to see how this compares to GRID Autosport. Probably an unfair comparison since Autosport is basically a port of a console/PC game, but it could be interesting.

      9 months ago
  • Missed the Beta sign-up damn

      9 months ago
  • Probably is STILL more realistic than any of the other Project Cars games 😂

      9 months ago
    • Not really. The others except 3 are all hardcore sims

        9 months ago
    • It's still a long way back from something like iRacing, Automobilista (whose sequel uses the PCars2 physics and weather engine) or a fully-modded Assetto Corsa, but it's closer there than Forza Motorsport is to iRacing.

        9 months ago