project guns 'n' roses

2y ago


The Tuscan project was named 'Guns 'n' Roses' after the colour we were originally going to have it painted in (the fire engine red Chimaera is 'Rosenrot' - a gentle wink at the factory Red Rose designations as well as a Rammstein song) but after the purchase of a pair of black leather Cobra Pro Racer seats with red stitching in combination with the mulberry and black of the door panels and dashboard, a rethink was called for. Jaguar Italian Racing Red it will be... probably.

This is how it started... an abandoned project retrieved from a dusty factory hall.

What do you do if you want to have a Tuscan which is engineered properly with all the foibles corrected? Well, you don't start with a pristine example sporting an impeccable history (seen what they're going for, lately?). You start with... something like this. A Cat C write-off sold by the most notorious of TVR salvage merchants to someone who had already far too many car projects going on, and hence put it on Facebook to sell in parts. A plan was being hatched, and a quick email saying 'what would you take for the whole caboodle as-is?' started us off on a journey into the largely unknown. A journey which we are going to share here in little bits and pieces... not unlike the bits this car is presently in. But our chassis is nice and shiny already, no? :)

'Easy project, we can repair up to paint stage for £.... ' Shame they forgot some stuff on the inside. ;) Here's reconstruction well under way :)

There used to be a big hole here, next to the one that *should* be there. And the latter was a bit of a mess, too.

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