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Project M Technic Spoiler

1y ago


I was very proud to have one of these... but it wasn´t painted... and I was a student

One of my birthday presents was a brand new M Technic Spoiler from BMW. What's great... if you have money to paint it. And I haven't got any of it, because I was a student.... That means I had to save money. What I did. 4 month to be exactly.

After the holy thing lays at the paint shop it was time to focus the mind to mount it. But that needed a bit of preparing. All I had was a piece of paper with a drawn picture, lines and numbers. Well, not much but I had not the money to let it mount...

First time I drilled holes in a boot

... after a felt eternity I thought I made a good job to mark the points where the holes have to be drilled. The point of no return came closer and closer. The point when you drill a hole and hope that you made no mistake. But all went well and after a professional corossion protection with a paintbrush I could finally mount it and... Well, look at it!

What makes you feel that good as take a look at your finished work?

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  • Blöde Frage: ist das BMW Emblem noch original oder ist das schon mal durch ein Kunststoff Emblem ersetzt worden?

    1 year ago


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