Project N Sport : 350 Horsepower of Korean Hot Hatch Power

Sydney's very own World Time Attack Challenge, a truly world class event, from the Turbosmart Flying 500 to the various classes of time attack, it is a playground for all things Motorsport.

The entrants to the time attack events are rarely stock, some even unrecognizable from their original form when sporting their insane and expertly crafted aero. Generally looking at a lineup like this, you wouldn't expect to see a hatchback from a manufacturer known for economy and luxury cars, but with our weapon we wanted to break that stigma.

The Hyundai i30 N is a truly incredible car for its price and class and we wanted to unlock its potential. To do this we needed some helpful friends, some quality parts and a fair few sleepless nights. After all, we took delivery of this car 6 weeks ago.

Unfortunately contrary to popular belief, stickers do not add horsepower, so we had to see some people who actually could! We enlisted the help of the N-Performance team and our friends at GT Auto Garage. By throwing only a handful of small modifications at this practical family hatch-back we reached the point of pushing around 350 horsepower and 500nm. Nearly around 80 horsepower higher than the factory 2.0L 4cyl turbocharged engine.

Due to our time frame and speed at which we could work on the car it meant we were incredibly hard pressed for a decent testing period. With only a minor shakedown completed at Queensland Raceway, World Time Attack Challenge was basically the main test for what this platform could do.

To assist our hero car in its maiden voyage, we needed a hero driver. Being no stranger to fast front wheel drives or Sydney Motorsport Park, Jordan Cox. He stepped up to the plate to compete for us under Hyundai, and compete he did.

Seemingly outgunned by many of Japan's finest performance cars we were determined to make our mark. Being the only street legal and street registered vehicle in the competition meant that regardless of the result we could still drive our beauty home, but the blue bombshell did more than just drive home. It wiped the floor with every other hot hatch on track and added a few GTR's, Evo's, RX7's and WRX's to its hit-list.

We mentioned we needed some other helpful friends and quality parts. The N Sport project wouldn't be what it was today without the help of these companies. Through support, products and help at the track, they truly helped the N Sport come to fruition.

For any race car you need power, and for power you need boost! We asked GCG for assistance in this department. They were able to provide a high flowed turbo for the i30 N to help it rip around eastern creek faster than the usual family school run.

To get the most out of this boost, we installed a Race Chip from Ramspeed. This allowed us to expertly control the power of the engine and without installing a full new ECU, perfect for our time frame and our aim to prove what this car can do with small modifications.

To cool this system down, it required a quality cooling package. Being the first in the world to do something is awesome until it comes to buying off the shelf parts. We spoke to PWR about a custom package for our i30 N. They were able to supply us with not only a form factor appropriate but extremely efficient system to suit our build.

To plant all this newfound power down on the track, we needed coilovers, and when it comes to coilovers there is really one man to speak to. That's Josh Coote at MCA. We've always shared a mutual respect with Josh, being one of the only other people in the world to put a VR38 in a Toyota 86 he is really the type of guy who gets what we do. With his experience on track at Eastern Creek he was able to tailor us the perfect coilover set up!

To compliment the coilovers we equipped the car with a few different exterior parts required to give the car down force and track presence. These parts came courtesy of Blits, who provided the FRP hood, carbon fibre splitter and carbon fibre skirts, and TCR who provided us with our awesomely huge wing.

For wheels we went with some Koya's to support local and get the desired specs we were after. Behind them were our Circo brakepads and slotted rotors for ultimate stopping power on track! As for the exhaust system, we chose an XForce setup that allowed the car to breathe and really give it that grunt we knew it was capable of.

Last but certainly not least Solar Style helped us out by tinting the vehicle and applying Opticoat to it to keep the beautiful blue paint in prime condition.

To come this far in this short amount of time is great for this platform and for what we wanted to achieve, but there are always more hot hatches and tracks to conquer. Hopefully with the help of GT Auto Garage and N Performance we can get some more power and many more smiles out of our Hyundai i30 N and come back faster than ever.

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