Project RAD-GAS: Installment Two

Finished my 1/64 scale 1990s era ARCO gas station.

I have scratchbuilt a large highway sign (and designed the graphic for it in MS Paint 3D), also incorporated the connections for a power pole and a parking lot light to its base, added some shrubbery and a papercraft Iconic Leer Ice Merchandiser design that I printed & constructed, redid/reworked the blue tape wraps & painted some areas in place of tape wrapping, and even added a pay phone booth and mid 90s gas prices modified from a 1996 Exxon sign that I reworked in MS Paint 3D.

Even the storm drains are detailed.

Even the storm drains are detailed.

Amazing how a simple kids' gas station playset turns into an accurate replica of a gas station from 25-30 years ago...

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