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The Aston Martin DB9 Vengeance. Pure Beauty

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Vengeance. A violent word. It should fit a violent car. Or should it? You see, Project Vengeance was for the person who wanted a retro styled, elegant car. Well then, why is it called the Vengeance? Let's start with that powertrain.

The Powertrain

The Vengeance has what's called a WB12. It's basically a 48 valve V12 that's mounted at the front of the car. It produces a staggering 510 BHP to the rear wheels. That's quite a bit of horsepower. As for the torque, it has 620 NM. That's right around 450 foot-pounds. The torque figure isn't very surprising considering the amount of BHP that's in this thing. Well, how about the transmission. The Aston has a rear mid-mounted ‘Touchtronic ll’ six-speed transmission with an electronic shift-by-wire control system as well as a limited-slip differential. I guess we now know why they called it the Vengeance. It's got a killer engine.

The Styling

There's really not much to say here. The car speaks for itself. It's an elegant, refined Aston Martin DB9, restyled to look even better than it first was. I really love the way the car flows from the hood, up the windshield, over the roof, and into the rear. The front wheel and grille look the part as well. The back is my favorite part. There literally is nothing to say about it.

The Interior

The Vengeance has, for the most part, a typical Aston interior. The red and black combo is quite nice. The alcantara and the leather go together amazingly. Again, there's not really much to say about it. It's beautiful, but understated.

Price And Conclusion

300,000 pounds. Yes, 300,000 pounds. That's right around $400,000. That's kind of cheap to be honest. I was thinking this would be around 500,000 USD. As it turns out, it's 100k less.

So would you get this car if you had the money? I would. It's probably up there in my top ten dream cars. But is it in yours? That's the question at hand. Answer it in the comments. Also consider bumping the article and following me if you liked this and/or you want to read about the person who built it. Afzal Kahn.

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  • Get rid of that grille then its perfect

      1 month ago