Now in cocaine white

3y ago

Ok, so it's not in cocaine white, I'm not even sure whether there is such a colour, called cocaine white! But welcome back everyone, to PROJECT_MX5, it has been awhile but it's now in a way better condition than we last saw this little toy

So for the past month, Hutch has been teasing me with pictures of all the parts he ordered. Everything from the new Ohlins coilovers, to the hard-top that's painted to match the body colour (more on that later) and the new wing. i was really looking forward to the next time i see this miata

The day finally came, the car was fresh out of the paint shop, now in a colour dubbed "Pure White" (again, not cocaine white). It was definitely one of the cleanest looking MX5s i've seen. Not long after Hutch and I, the little monster needed to stop for a refuel, so it was an opportunity for me to take in the new, fresh look. From the photo above you can see Hutch cleaning the outer rim of the fuel cap, that's because a Miata's fuel cap opens upwards instead of outwards, which drips fuel absolutely everywhere. That's why Hutch sorta looks like a 16 year old kid wiping dirt off his new converses.

After the refuel, we headed to this super photogenic spot some where in the north of Singapore. Apparently it use to be an old British settlement, thus all the old English bungalows littered all over the place. It was nice to finally use a location where no spotter has conducted a shoot before.

Anyways back to the car. So what has been done since the last time we saw Hutch's MX5? One big change is the new suspension he got, they are coilovers by Ohlins, before this set the car was running Koni absorbers with lowered springs; and just by being a passenger I can tell you guys how much smoother this car feels through the corners, no rough bumps, flat and stable. It actually feels slightly more comfortable than the Konis too which shows that it's always worth the money to get a proper suspension setup.

If you guys still remembered the pictures from the previous time, this car actually sits about 10mm higher than last time, but that's because the suspension needs to break in. But in my eyes, this was the perfect ride height.

Eagle-eyed readers would've spotted the new wing by now and yes, it is the ducktail from RocketBunny (now renamed to pandem due to come copyright issue). I admit, it does look a bit off at first glance but once the '80s pop-up headlights are up, the lines just make sense

There is also a hardtop now, actually the hardtop was already with Hutch in the previous shoot but it's now resprayed to "Pure White" from Porsche's palette, same as the body colour and i think it really fit the lines of the NA6.

Hutch will be using the car without the hard top nor the soft top for his runs in the autocross, this is afterall a function build and removing excess weight is crucial in motorsport

simplify, then add lightness

Colin Chapman

With that, i end off this update. Will the MX5 be better on track now? Judging from all the money spent so farm, it better be.

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Comments (5)

  • Looks beautiful!!!! Where did you go to take the photo? Was it near Dempsey?

      3 years ago
    • Nope! This was in the north region

        3 years ago
    • Oh I see, the area around Lim Chu Kang is also nice to drive. Maybe go there sometime, went before and it was quite fun with the twisty, narrow and empty road

        3 years ago