Proper T​ake: The Aston Martin Victor is what the modern Vantage should be...

M​aybe very less of the catfish, please?

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For a good while, I always thought Aston's pre Palmer years were some of the best to happen in modern times with their designs, soul, performance, and overall charm and experience. Then as you know it, Andy Palmer became CEO. While there were some hits, both in design and overall delivery, under his tenure (i.e. Valkyrie & DBS Superleggera) that were produced, there were arguably some flops to even it out (the Catfish like Vantage, DB11, etc.)

N​ow, I'm not saying these were ever the worst to exist or that Aston has lost its way (maybe quite a bit), but these weren't Aston-like in terms of sophistication and many other things that made and Aston unique as it once was.

Then came this charming and emotive one off, the Victor. It simply reminded me of everything from the 90's Aston V8 Vantage. Built exactly as it should be, just with a different name that leaves you in awe every second you study and admire it's ruthlessly sexy design. If the Vantage was Floyd Mayweather leaning more towards comfort and relaxation as aging goes by, then the Victor is Muhammad Ali with the recaptured spirit of his younger days: raw, buff, badass, yet coated with style.

T​he Victor is properly old school Aston and it has a manual to top it off. Even though, this is a one off, why Aston didn't make a few hundred more is something I don't understand. This car is the very definition to kicking things back and taking it retro; it's seriously what the Vantage should've been. Something which more manufacturers today need to do: Have genuine fun!

G​od Bless the Victor and Aston Martin for existing in this world!

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