Psycho Integra has an 8.2L TwinTurbo V8 behind your back

46w ago


What did I just write here? It's a third gen Honda Integra, with a hypercar kind of powerplant jammed in the middle, and it's still cheaper than some stock ones. What's going on?

On the outside, it's not as radical as some Japanese modified cars tend to be. Actually I would call it as sedate as possible. Other than some wider arches and the twin exhausts, most unobservant people would completely ignore it as a 20 year old underpowered sports car. It looks like something that came straight out of the factory.

​Interior is also kept mostly stock, which is all part of the plan. Seats are original, showing some original buttocks wear, dash is stock with a few extra gauges keeping an eye on the engine's vitals, and even those are hidden away from the praying eyes. If you didn't get the clue yet, this is a sleeper. Laying low, sneaking up on you, and then pouncing right when you thought that you own the whole street.

​Mind you, there is no stereo, but it's not like you could hear it anyway, because right behind you, it's what makes this car so special. A 500cu V8 muscle from a Cadillac with a pair of 65mm turbo steroids to pump it even further. It makes anywhere between 500 and 700 horsepower, depending on the boost levels, and that is measured on the rear wheels. Yes, it is a rear-wheel drive!

But the real superpower of the huge engines or turbos have always been a mountain of twisting torque, which is the reason this Integra comes with the Eldorado's 3-speed automatic transmission. Any other simply wouldn't fit or would shatter as soon as you step on the loud pedal.

No performance figures have been stated, but the seller says it 'lunges forward like it was drop-kicked by God'.

​I do have to warn you that the suspension is still stock, and so are the brakes, but worst/best of all, is that there is no firewall between you and that engine. So all the noise, the vibrations, the explosions are right there, with you, inside the cabin.

If you are the kind of person that lives in a loony bin, has 28.000 USD laying around, and likes to prank some supercars owners, head over to this link and get your hands on one of the most insane sleeper projects int he world!

For everyone else, I do have a question. Would you rather pay 28 grand for this V8 Integra, or 34 grand for this pristine Integra Type-R? Vote below!