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4y ago

My introduction to the show car scene started when one of my friends picked up a 1989 Volkswagen Caddy. White, vented front quarter panels and a lot of rust, this car was clearly a project but it was magnificent. Being able to follow this project from its beginning a few years back to its current Porsche mint green form has taught me a lot and inspired me a fair bit too. Hoping to get a full write up for this out when its back early next year.

This car really set me off into the Volkswagen scene, which naturally led to Edition38, a local but huge show weekender culminating in an award ceremony for some of the most immaculate cars from all over Europe. Leaving with a couple of friends and coming back with many more, it really showed me what a community the scene really is.

This was also my inspiration to pick up my camera and see how much I could learn through the lens, I messed around with a few friends trying to get as many shoots in with them as I could and realised that I needed to do some research as the camera wasn’t going to learn itself. Today this has led me to drivetribe, my chance to branch out a little more and see what more I can gain from the community that has already given so much and hopefully give back a little.

So welcome to show stoppers, a collection of cars that really push the boundaries in their own individual ways, coming in many forms, from Volkswagen to Nissan, from well-known to undiscovered, the gems that help to keep the scene moving to be greater than it ever has been.

This is also my first attempt at writing anything like this so feedback would be great.

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