PUNCH DRUNK. Pap N Mam’s Boxer Kawasaki W400 Scrambler

We could count all the instances of builders who have made their own engines on one hand. Put simply, it almost never happens. Or does it?

2y ago

After almost ten years of blogging about custom bikes, we’re pretty confident we could count the instances of builders who have made their own engines on one hand; even a hand that’d taken a trip through a rear chain and sprocket. Put simply, it almost never happens. And why would it? The engineering required to do something like that is only in reach for the manufacturers themselves. Or is it? Well, for Indonesia‘s Pap N Mam Modified, making their own engine was such a non-event they barely mentioned it in their interview. Yet here we sit looking at a bespoke Kawasaki Boxer engine made from two separate 175cc singles.

Hailing from Semarang in Central Java, they’ve been on our radar since we’ve been attending Indonesia‘s massive Kustomfest show. During our 2018 trip, we loved this particular bike so much, we named it our Best in Show. Clearly a shop that has its eye on national and international custom trends, they tell us that they made a conscious decision to stand out from the crowd with their next few builds. “Now, we always want to be different,” says Hendra, from the shop’s crew. “Actually, we are currently working on 8 bikes in our workshop, 1 of which will be finished next year; it should be really special.”


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