Pundits forecast a sharp turnaround for Jaguar Land Rover in 2020

After facing a major sales slump, the Brits are projected to make a comeback

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Anybody remember Paul the Octopus? The supposed psychic octopus who predicted quite a lot of accurate results for the 2010 World Cup. What if carmakers had such a psychic animal? One could just ask it before putting a model into production or coming up with a new model altogether. Unfortunately, we don’t have any such animals for automakers, but we do have an Indian financial firm instead.

Motilal Oswal, an India based financial firm, has predicted a sharp turnaround by British marquee Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). As per ETAuto, the financial firm believes the worst is over for JLR due to the early adoption of several cost-cutting measures. Early yet huge one-time investments on the technological front comprising autonomous cars and electrification of its powertrains might also be an additional reason, I suspect.

Even before the global sales slowdown got underway, JLR has been going through turbulent times. In the first quarter of this financial year, the company posted a substantial loss, even in one of its biggest markets - China. At that time, the management had assured the public of bouncing back by the year-end. And now pundits are favouring the same.

This inversion in fortunes can be due to the projected revamp of its model line-up. The SUV-based Land Rover brand is planning to launch four to five cars under its current three-year-roadmap. Probable models might include the new-gen Range Rover and Rover Sport along with a mid-life facelift or an entirely new-gen model for the Range Rover Evoque as well.

The Tata-owned company’s luxury arm Jaguar also has a couple of objectives to meet. Being well aware of the sudden yet astonishing uprising of the Chinese manufacturers, Jaguar would look to cement its position in the world’s most populous nation. Earlier this year, Jaguar had announced its plans of launching close to 30 vehicles for the Chinese market alone, and they look to be on their way.

Starting with the recent launch of the new Jaguar F-Type. The modern yet slimmer family face knits the sportscar to the rest of its product line-up. Also getting unveiled next year is the company’s flagship sedan - the new XJ, said to come in electric guise only. The Jaguar I-Pace, firm’s first all-electric SUV has already received an overwhelming response around the globe and is struggling to comply with the surging demand.

Not to forget the recent launch of the off-roading brand’s icon - the second-gen and brand new Land Rover Defender. Although the car will be going on sale by the second quarter of 2020, the firm’s stable already looks pretty healthy and updated for the first half of the upcoming decade.

If taking both companies together, they already have SUVs in all departments, including the Jaguar E-Pace in the compact segment. They have a freshly updated sportscar along with an upcoming flagship luxury sedan in the EV segment. Hybridisation is said to spread out to almost all its models, abiding by Destination Zero - a zero-emissions environment target set by the British marquee.

The forthcoming decade might reflect a reduced expense for JLR and hence more margins for profitability. Due to the early investments made towards electrification, the company now appears to have the necessary yet potential arsenal to combat upcoming California-based electric car companies. Provided, it adheres to its deadlines and keeps the pricing game aggressive. The latter would majorly be for the Chinese players looking to enter the market as well.

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  • It shouldn’t be difficult. Jeep manages to sell Wranglers optioned to 70k in the USA and my disco2 is easily as reliable as and jeep I’ve had.

      1 year ago
  • Hope they do - I'm on my second and would like to see them succeed as a British brand.

      1 year ago
  • I am not too happy about the XJ going electric.

      1 year ago
  • Hmmmn... I'm not so sure myself. Unless they improve their reliability (which is quite dreadful) all their biggest markets are going to reject their products... which is why they're up pooh-ally right now. This sounds like PR bullshit to me, pumped out in an effort the stop the share-price from dropping through the floor.

      1 year ago
  • I hope so

      1 year ago