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At the Brazilian GP last year Verstappen was filmed shoving Ocon violently which is common assault in law. The FIA stated that Verstappen would be punished.

Yesterday the FIA announced sheepishly, that after due consideration and having been warned by Verstappen that he would not accept anything which would make him "look like an idiot", the punishment was partly to go to the holiday destination Marrakech and watch some FE motor racing with the stewards.

It remains unclear if Verstappen will have to buy his own air tickets and pay for his own accommodations or if these will be included in the punishment by the FIA.

FE has very competitive close quarters racing with any and all of the teams in with a real chance of winning, which in F1 is conspicuous by its absence, it requires a cool drivers head to avoid over doing it and team orders and strategies followed obediently.

Maybe, it is a punishment afterall to witness the close quarters racing that F1 currently lacks, tyres which allow and encourage flat out (sorry) racing and to meet again ex F1 drivers who maintain that FE is better than F1?

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