Pure AWD: An introduction

2y ago


For a while, we changed our text group chat name frequently, relating it to the most recent inside joke or funny event. But one day, someone changed it to VAG Crew, and it just stuck.

In order: Dewey, Dustin, Pat, Stev, and Austin at Norther Worthersee car show

Named after "Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft" (the German name for the VW group of OEMs), it only made sense with five friends all owning exclusively VW and Audi vehicles that the name of our core communication reflected this.

In order: Ryan, Pat, Dewey, and Stev at the Motorstadt car show

Despite that, we had two issues: the first was we made two new friends, and much to our dismay, they owned Subarus. The solution to this was less than elegant; we just added +2 to the end of the group chat name. Our second issue was a tougher one: when people see the letters VAG together, they do not immediately think of Audis and VWs.

Ffej and Pat

So while we still like to refer to ourselves as VAG Crew +2, we've taken what brings us together as a group: a love for photography, the Midwest, and the ability to propel your car using all four wheels, and created Pure AWD.

Pat and Stev

So what can you expect from our page? A disproportionate amount of cars with hatches, and content ranging from photos to articles to videos of our cars and the AWD vehicles that tackle the Midwest weather with ease! We're constantly getting out, taking photos, creating content, and attending shows, so stay tuned!

Ffej working his Nikon

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