Pure BMW Power - Inline 6 Naturally Aspirated BMW E36 GTR Monster

For the hardcore, "old-school" BMW fans this Monster is quite the perfect combination of factors...

This beautiful E36 unit is Stéphane Emond´s Monster, coming from Belgium. One of the fastest machines in the local championship, it is powered by the S50B32 Inline 6 Engine, in Naturally Aspirated form and producing upwards of 400Hp/8.300Rpm.

With that comes a tremendous soundtrack that is complemented visually by the Flossmann Auto Design bodykit (same company that built the bodywork for the BMW of a certain Georg Plasa...) making this one of the most unique looking and better sounding BMW´s in European Hillclimb Racing.

That was certainly possible to see on Eschdorf Hillclimb 2018, where these images come from. Special thanks to MaxiPixelRallye for the footage provided without which this video would be impossible to make. Subscribe to their Channel right here:

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