Pure pleasure of driving Pt. 1

Embarking on the journey of finding my perfect daily pocket rocket

4y ago

During Summer 2016 I finally decided that now it is time for me to leave my boring car history behind and get a personal impression of what German engineers have in stock for me. I was looking for the perfect everyday driver, which offers the right amount of performance, prestige and practicability for a reasonable price tag. However the pure numbers were not as important as my personal impression. I narrowed it down to three models and had a closer look.

As I had an Audi A1 for the past three years, it was only logical to visit the 4 Rings from Ingolstadt first. And boy oh boy, the quattro guys tied together one hell of a package. Under the hood of the rather civil-looking RS3, a turbo-charged inline 5-cylinder package of pure awesomeness awakes, as soon as you push the ignition button. Once drive select confirms that sport+ mode is active, things get really interesting. The car starts to scream and crackle as if it wants to convince you from the bottom of its' soul: I am a pure-bread sports car! Due to the all wheel drive, traction on the straight is not an issue for the Audi at any point. However, as soon as you push through the first corner, you suddenly have to realize that you still drive an A3 on steroids. Due to the weight distribution of the car, which is mainly caused by the way the engine rests over the front axle, under-steer is a force to be reckoned with. BUT, that really doesn't harm the joy this car is spreading. You constantly crave for the next tunnel, the next downshift and the next opportunity to put the pedal down. Next test on list will be Porsche.

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