Pure Pleasure of driving Pt.2: exciting dissapointment


4y ago

The next candidate to test for the perfect daily driver sports car, was the Porsche 718 Boxster S. I really have to admit that I went to my local Porsche dealership with mixed feelings. On the one hand really excited, because after all I will be testing a Porsche. On the other hand I was really skeptical because of the small 4-cylinder turbo, they put in the car. However the mid-engine layout and the 350 horses should make up for that, I was told by the dealer. So as I first sat in the car my heart rate immediately bumped up. Seeing the familiar Porsche cockpit, the drive mode select wheel and exhaust button in front of you, instantly sends one signal to your body: prepare for take-off.

When you start the engine you could easily forget that you only have 4 cylinders at your command and you might come to the conclusion that you are taking the driver's seat of a real-deal race car. Putting the drive mode to sport+, stiffen the suspension and opening up the exhaust valve, are the first steps you have to take of course. The car gives you perfect feedback form the beginning, so it is really easy to get a feel for it. You start to gain confidence and push harder and harder through every corner, just to realize soon that you are reaching the performance capacity earlier than you expected. The 2.5 liter engine has a variable Turbo geometry which should secure low-end torque, but in reality it constantly felt as if there is something missing while accelerating. Sure the car performs well, sure it looks good, sure you have the prestige of a Porsche. But to be honest, for me it is not worth the premium price tag. When I drove it, I constantly had the feeling that something is not right. It made the impression that it really had to fight for the performance it is giving you. Almost as if it wanted to tell you that you are overdoing it, that you are pushing too hard. That is really not what I want to have in my car. In my eyes the car is lacking personality and in in terms of emotion, the Audi is ahead of the Porsche. The platform of the 718 S has so much potential, which is why it is really sad to see that they are not taking advantage of it. So to conclude, these two words sum up my experience with the 718 perfectly: exciting disappointment. Next up will be the BMW M2.

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