PURPLE PEOPLE BEATER. Joe Pitman’s ’92 Triumph Trophy Racer

1y ago


Whether you’re seriously looking for a donor bike for your next project or just day dreaming about what could be, we all do it; flick through the classified magazines, scour the internet or kick tyres at the nearest swap meet. Of course most of us are all looking for the same thing, the bikes that have traditionally been converted into the particular style of motorcycle we’re going for.

Thankfully, some amongst us think outside the box and see potential in a machine mere mortals had already fobbed off. Joe Pitman has proven he rises amongst the pack with what started life as a fully faired behemoth weighing a stonking quarter of a ton. Now his 1992 Triumph Trophy has dropped the panniers, been transformed into a proper cafe race and is just at home outside a pub as it is on the track at Portimao.


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