Putin expresses scepticism regarding electric cars

The Russian president doesn't think that EV cars are not as ecological as one might think.

During a discussion at the Valdai Discussion Club think thank, Putin told a foreign journalist that in his opinion, electric cars are not the way foward. For example, he pointed out the non-ecological way in which electricity for cars is produced.

According to Putin, it would be a better alternative if in Russia the people used cars powered by natural gas, instead of electric cars, since Russia is one of the biggest natural gas producers in the world.

The president also pointed out that he had been testing several electric cars - although he refused to name any of them - and that he "didn't feel any difference" between the EVs and the normal ICE cars.

Although I do not deny that electric cars and even hydrogen cars are not without their flaws when it comes to how their fuel is produced, as of now I think they are the best and most reliable alternative fuel vehicles available on the market.

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Comments (2)

  • I reckon he's right that EVs aren't the way forward, but Natural Gas is definitely not ideal either. Forcing people out of private transport in cities and urban areas opting for (probabky electric) public transport would do far better, and would remove any need for stupid EV mandates.

      1 month ago
  • the production of EV doesn't work well for Russia politically and economically and gence such a statement, nothing to do with sustainability,EVs are more sustainable than NG.

      1 month ago