Revisiting PWC's GT and GTS after format changes for 2019

Hello Everybody! I’ve been thinking long and hard on what I think should be the direction that Pirelli World Challenge should take to get back on track as the premier GT racing series. I know, I know, I wrote about this a while back, but we finally have some news on what they are ACTUALLY going to be doing for 2019. Whew, it sure was a lot! So I thought that I’d break down the news and give my two cents.

First off, you should read the post I linked in the first paragraph to get a refresher on what their problems have been the last couple years, especially this year. I won’t be repeating any of that, as I am focusing on the new information.

Their current format for GT and GTS classes is split between Sprint and Sprint-X, which are 50min, 1 driver races with no planned pit stops and 60min, 2 driver races with 1 planned pitstop. Each with it’s own championship and combined make the whole GT and GTS championships. Next year, the main championships are no longer split into sprint and Sprint-X (thank god, it clearly wasn’t working to have both). Instead, they will go to a single format; 90min, 2 driver GT races with full pit stops and 50min, single driver sprint races for GTS.


So what do you guys think? Do you like PWC's changes for 2019? Do you prefer two separate championships (Sprint/Sprint-X)? Let me know in the comments below!

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