Qashqwhy did we buy this car?

Situation update on the basis of my very sad little life in recent times.

So I haven't written in a while, and don't really know why either. It seems to be a culmination of actual events taking place and possibly the newfound hostility on the Drivetribe site sort of driving people away time and time again.

Anyway so a little story on what's been happening, and our main character and supposed protaganist, Nissan Qashqai. Drivetribe's favourite car of course. Well there's really not much to be said other than it left us again. It all started one morning when I was summoned to my car to answer a question about a flashing light which looked like an elf sitting on a shoe coughing up his lungs.

Turns out the elf was perfectly fine, it was the engine causing trouble. And this was a familiar occurence, because it was now the third time in about six months of owning this car that this had happened. The initial thoughts that ran through my head were 'woah I really just thought that was an elf light' and 'well I guess there's goes being a mechanic anyway'.

Which is fine because I hate manual labour anyway. I did some gardening the other day and I have never been less happy in life other than that time I had to do a business project with some guy called Adam who at the time I was hoping would melt before the presentation day.

Ok this is totally not shaping up to be anything of any relevance to anyone. Click out now I'd advise. Anyway so the story was the car had to go to the garage, but our friend gave us their car instead.

And it was so awesome!

I never liked the Tiguan. Well truth be told I never knew much about it, just that it was a Volkswagen and as such would be a fairly decent car nearly automatically (ok yes Sam a mechanic mightn't see it that way๐Ÿ˜‚), but with this car now in our ownership for as long as was needed, I was really excited. I gave it a little walkaround and held a slight investigation, having never seen a VW on my driveway. And my observations were:

It was beautiful inside and out. It's so nice inside, especially as a passenger front and back even!

It said R-Line on it. This seemed to serve as an indication that this particular Tiguan was in fact an R-Line model.

And also, it had a funky gearstick. It came to my attention that the car was an automatic, and this was even more exciting again! My parents have never owned automatics and I really like them, so it was good news to see.

Anyway we had a couple short trips around the area and learned it's actually a lot more powerful than one would expect from a Volkswagen SUV, although maybe that depends on what one would expect from a Volkswagen SUV. My only complaint was that it gave me a heart attack when we thought we were in reverse and nearly drive through the front part of the house accidentally.

It was really cool. Anyway long story short God looked down to Earth and noticed that I was unacceptably enjoying life, and so ring ring went the phone, the Qashqai was sorted after just two days. This made me very angry but oddly enough I said nothing on the matter. I was sort of just a bystander in the whole affair. Soon we had to say goodbye to the Tiguan but our short lived relationship was a very enjoyable one. I am disappointed to say the please crash qai is still alive. But anyway I'm learning to like it as best possible, maybe I'll write about it sometime. It won't be very interesting mind, but then neither is this.

So yeah, that's news. I do like writing these from time to time, so maybe some more situation updates will happen. I don't know, I have failed to find my place on this site even over a year's time so I never know what I'm going to produce until it's half complete. But otherwise things are good I guess. I'm going to leave it there.

So.....thanks for reading and that. I'll write some more informative pieces soon hopefully.

Dear god, there's a worry.

Oh and Happy Saint Patrick's day soon.

I hate that day.

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