Quad bike fail

1y ago


What did we do before the days of YouTube? This flip-flop wearing quad bike rider forgot rule number 1 when pulling a wheelie, or indeed riding in general.

Always look where you're going.

The slow motion crunch into the ground looks positively bone shattering, and he was lucky to escape relatively unscathed. If he collided with the car a fraction of a second later, his unprotected skull would've taken a probable fatal impact. Be careful out there folks!

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  • Stupid twat... Probably got no insurance. Got what he deserved and I hope it hurt, as for the poor car driver

    1 year ago
  • He didn't hit his head so I'd guess broken legs, broken back and shattered ego with a sprinkling of "how are you going to pay for this".

    1 year ago
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