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Quad-Turbo 2JZ Silvia With A Jet Engine Is Pure Madness. Too Bad It Sucks

It Also Has A Mini Jet Engine For Downforce That Doesn't Work

4y ago

If you asked your eleven year old self what your perfect car would be, it would probably resemble something close to the following: Built on a rear-wheel drive platform, has a bulletproof engine, and spins multiple turbos. Since our eleven year old self is more imaginative than our adult selves, we'll throw in a jet engine in that list as well.

Takuro-San from Tochigi, Japan, must be a child at heart because he managed to shoehorn a 2JZ, four turbos (dual TD06 turbos that feed into dual T-88 turbos), a secondary throttle body, and a mini jet engine into a S14. There didn't look to be any semblance of engineering that went into this build, only pure imagination and sheer mechanic's will. If we handed all the decision making to an eleven year-old, this is what we'll get.

How It's Supposed To Work:

All that madness is supposed to work like this: The 2JZ engine spins and builds boost in the initial set of twin Trust TD-06 turbos. Those turbos then feed into the larger set of turbos, the twin Trust T-88, which is Trust's largest available turbocharger. Once you're at full throttle, you can access even MORE power by activating the hand lever, opening the second throttle body! And just to add the cherry of insanity on top, the jet engine, that seems to have been tack welded on the trunk, will provide the necessary downforce to help harness all of that tire melting potential.

Unfortunately, only about half of all of those things worked. Takuro-San blamed the tight schedule on not being able to connect the jet engine and getting the secondary throttle body to work in time for this showcase. In addition, the car needed a significant pull start for it to turn on. When it was running it managed to sound like an overboosted beast, breaking the rear end easily like it was tuned for drift driving.

We admire Takuro-San's ingenuity and passion, but we highly doubt the S14 will be a drivable car if he manages to get all the engine gremlins out. The secondary throttle body might just help the 2JZ grenade itself, while the jet engine will most likely break itself loose from those welds, if it doesn't behave like a bomb first.

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Comments (12)

  • Love this build, this is what loving cars is all about.

      4 years ago
  • This is marvellous. I would definitely daily drive it. On a more serious note I agree with Mr Wilkinson. This is a real car nut. You have to love him.

      4 years ago
  • this twingo works and it doesn't suck.........except jet fuel 😉

      4 years ago
  • But that building in the back that just says 'Toilet' lol

      4 years ago
  • Passion: A+++

    If he can get the build to match, we may see another trendsetter in the making

      4 years ago