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Qualified - Transgressions, Digressions and Progression

Deciding you still want to talk, but realising your opinions need a new home and a new start.

2y ago

I've been a member of Drivetribe essentially since is began. It's one of those platforms in social media where it's fantastic potential is easily recognised but in general was launched prematurely and without amazing usability or infrastructure., as such my interest coincidentally lapsed.

With that in mind though I've always loved writing and have always had a passion for automotive, specifically in the case for this new blog format: motor sport. It's not the first time I've written about motor sport and specifically again Formula 1. Liberty Media launched their own blogging and market research platform earlier in the year aptly named F1FanVoice. I did a huge deep dive into F1FanVoice and wrote a blog over six months named Marcus' Word.

Unfortunately for the majority of the time Marcus' Word tended to be a word too many. Not in general length but more so in the way that as with any spectator sport, strong opinions are met with strong opinions in return and F1FanVoice had an even bigger problem to top those strong opinions.

F1FanVoice wasn't mediated and even worse wasn't monitored. It was a lost opportunity.

It became a platform almost similar to Facebook in it's early days. By that I mean it was a platform which encouraged views that pandered to both the abusive and in general the 1%. Personally I found this a crying shame. I say that because in general Formula 1 has such a vibrant and in most cases educated community. The discussion it encourages in general as well tends to be one of a much more intelligent level.

To be honest the 2018 season in general probably didn't help this transgression. We saw a Formula 1 season that was full to the brim of tanking, torching and technicalities. The sport seems to only be getting more and more complex to top the whole thing off. By the end of the season you could see it in some of the sports most famous and lovable characters as well.

I mean in one year flat we've lost Fernando Alonso and Brendan Hartley (for a second time), witnessed Kimi Raikkonen and Esteban Ocon demoted and Daniel Ricciardo sign a contract with a different team and subsequently (quite obviously) shoved to the side for his younger team mate. All losses and moves taken into account you'd think that around 70% of the field will either be different or in different colours come the Australian Grand Prix next March.

Anyway, I'm sure there's plenty of time in the future to discuss drivers, races and teams. I'm just personally satisfied I've found a new oil sniffing home for that Formula 1 blog and I can only sincerely hope all you like-minded oil sniffers appreciate it. The good, the bad and the ugly of it. I'm also a little bit chuffed about the new name as well. Marcus' Word felt a tad too personal and egotistical. Not that I'm not egotistical, because I'm sure you'll all discover during the off-season and 2019 that I am.

I suppose I can only sign off the first blog by thanking Drivetribe for continually making an effort to develop their platform. When I came back to Drivetribe a couple of weeks ago I was extremely pleasantly surprised at the progress they'd made to develop this amazing social media platform we have today. It's sleek, smooth and something really special. Even more so it's something I look forward to being a part of far into the future.

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  • Welcome to your first post Marcus!

      2 years ago