We can't go out... why don't we spot them at home?

13w ago


Because of the Corona virus, Almost 80% of the humans are basically stuck in their houses, with no chances to get out. A huge part of them is just wasting the time they got, while somebody is using the spare time to do something that they like... I don’t know, somebody is cooking, other people is trying to finish all the YouTube videos, while others do some work out and so on.

Let's get to the point.

We love cars, right? But.. we can’t drive. So I was asking myself, what people that likes cars, would do in this non-driving period? And I figured out something we could do.


This would be really incredibly interesting if we would all live in Maranello or in a race truck... but ...as long as we are not living in one of this two places, even tho we would love to.. I think that maybe it could be nice anyway.

I’ll start:

That’s my neighbor’s Mercedes AMG GT v8 biturbo.

What a car! I just love it. Even tho he doesn’t let me drive it..

So what could you spot from your window? Or from you front porch? I’d be happy to know that.

Let me know!

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