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The all-electric Tesla Model S P100D is one of the most talked-about drag cars of the year. As we saw in the recent MotorTrend 'Greatest Drag Race' it showed a clean pair of heels to a host of thoroughbreds, demolishing everything from the Ferrari 488GTB to the NISMO GT-R to the McLaren 570GT. But what happens when you start taking weight out? Well, it gets even quicker.

In March, Tesla Racing Channel decided to strip out the interior of their P100D and took their car to a drag strip. The result was a 10.44 at 200kph, in the process setting the record for fastest Model S in the quarter-mile. Now the car is back, this time with no passenger seat, a lighter battery and the speakers removed. At 2,023kgs, it's still not the lightest car in the world, but the weight loss of 220kgs was enough to set a slightly quicker 10.41 second quarter-mile time at 201kph, breaking their own record.

Any racer knows that simple weight reduction techniques is a contributing factor to better acceleration. As to whether there’s even more acceleration and top end to be extracted from Tesla Racing Channels’ Ludicrous+ Model S P100D remains to be seen.

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  • Of course, at the beginning of the day, it's all pointless. Buying a five-seater sedan, ripping out all the things that make it a five-seater sedan, and then claiming it's faster off the line than a Ferrari 488 - that doesn't really wash.

      3 years ago
    • True, but in standard trim its still faster than a 488 etc. It didnt need to be lightened for that. That said, I do agree this record is absolutely daft.

        3 years ago