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Domaine Denniston, Jamaican female drag racer

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They say the best modification is often done to the person behind the wheel, and that philosophy has been embraced by female drag racer Domaine Denniston. Instead of piling on the performance enhancements on to her 2012 Subaru Impreza WRX STi she’s instead blended personal growth in driver skills with a rather light tuning menu for her car to make her competitive in the National Drag Racing Circuit’s 14-second class.

“I am planning to make super modifications to it soon, but right now it’s just about getting the maximum out of the stock set up,” Denniston told Auto.

The STi is already an impressive beast from the factory boasting 300bhp from its turbocharged flat-four cylinder engine and all-wheel drive. Currently the car only runs a Tial blow-off valve to help relieve the retuned ECU’s 21lbs of boost pressure between gearshifts. The programming, courtesy Banks Tuning, not only raises pressures for some extra power, but also maintains preset levels for each of the six gears.

So far, she’s posted a best time of 14.503 seconds in the quarter-mile at this year’s Drag Challenge #1 on her way to chasing a personal best of 14.084 seconds from 2013. Impressive numbers given the fact she’s only been drag racing since the beginning of 2013.

Denniston's wants to build driver skill before horsepower in her Subaru.

Denniston's wants to build driver skill before horsepower in her Subaru.

Denniston has no qualms about where her passion originated. “I grew up under Lisa Bowman-Lee.”

Having one of Dover Raceway’s finest female drivers at her disposal has done wonders for her driving prowess and sealed her taste in cars as Bowman-Lee along with husband Paul run Subaru specialist garage P&L Racing.

“Lisa and Paul have been my bible,” she said.

A teacher herself, she works on her Subaru as taught to her by Paul Lee, supported by Spoon Racing and boyfriend Roger Hong. At this point there are no aims to branch out into other forms of Motorsport. Instead she plans to further hone her skills and eventually build a full-time drag car.

“I’d just like to continue being a female in the sport, and be a beacon for others,” she said.


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