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Question: Can old people do donuts?

A question that no one is asking to be answered

2y ago

Old people are often seen as too "past it" to have any fun. But is that true? I mean look at Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. They are oldish and still have fun.

To answer this question on whether or not old people can drift we have to look at a car show in the distant past (before James May), namely Top Gear, series one, episode three, when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Jason Dawe wanted to see if old people could do donuts on their track.

So they got five grannies together to see if they could donuts in a Honda S2000 with the helping hand of professional stunt driver Russ Swift. Unfortunately I could only find part 2 of the donut challenge but that doesn't mean what these grannies did wasn't off the charts.

80-year-old Sadie managed to jump the rev limiter more than once and she even possibly did better donuts than Russ Swift! So there we go – it turns out that old people can have fun.

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Comments (18)

  • I'm 62 and yes. In fact, I highly recommend it. But just donuts? That's so limiting. Get a good drift going on a mountain road. It's great cardio. After that, jump on a sports bike and drag a knee.

      2 years ago
  • My 70 year old grandpa does doughnuts with his escort Mexico rally car with a hydraulic handbrake

      2 years ago
  • Define old...

      2 years ago
  • Is 48 old? I get yelled at all the time for donuts and similar. Winter is fun!!

      2 years ago
  • They can make donuts, but do donuts? I don't know.

      2 years ago