Question for the day: How Much Horsepower Is Enough?

Do you need 1000 horsepower in your life?

2y ago

We are living in an age of monsters. 800 horses are available through your dealer. Hell, it wasn't long ago 1000 horsepower was seen as the big one to crack, and now you can order it through a dealer if you really, really, want it.

My current car has 225 horsepower through the back wheels, and it's a blast to drive. Through experience, I know I start to get very conscious indeed about what's under the hood with any more than 400 going to the road with around the same in torques. And before the commenters start, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy more than that or that I want to start capping horsepower or any of that kind of dumb thinking.

My sweet spot for a car I drive every day and want to enjoy is around the 350 mark. But I know we're all going to have our personal preferences, plus people out there are buying these hairy monsters. So, tell me what feels about right for you?

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Comments (73)

  • Raffaele de Simone, Ferrari’s chief test driver: ‘So long as you’re in control, the power is never enough’.

      2 years ago
  • BMW 1 Series 116 + chip = fun enough 😁

      2 years ago
  • WRONG, you must get ALL THE HORSEPOWER!!!!

      2 years ago
  • My lil' MR2 has 140bhp, which means it isn't fast. But I've done big trips in it (to Germany and back, to France and back) with a week's worth of luggage for me and my other half. The reality is that on a normal British road I never need more power, because the limits to your speed (really) are visibility and width. Sure, I'd like to turbocharge it at some point, but wringing its neck is quite fun. Also it weighs less than a tonne which helps – I'm not sure a 140bhp naturally aspirate car weighing 1.5 tonnes would feel anywhere near as good.

    I've just realised this isn't an answer.

      2 years ago

      I'm actually amazed two peoples luggage for a week fits in one as well as the people the luggage is for.

        2 years ago
    • WHat speed did you manage on the autobahn?!

        2 years ago
  • I think the question is more about Kg then HP,and balance, 200 hp car whit 800 kg and good balance is realy good fun.

      2 years ago