Question of the day: Which car brand has the greatest logo?

And what do I think it is

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7w ago

Many car companies have redesigned their badges to fit in with that certain era, but which brand has created a badge like no other, one that stands out, one differing from the norm.

For example, here's VW's design, some rather drastic changes throughout time, making this a rather interesting case.

VW logo's through the ages.

VW logo's through the ages.

And this trend continues throughout many car companies, including BMW, Land Rover, and even Ferrari.

I'm personally nominating Spyker as they have a truly different and iconic rotor blade emblem, but what do you think, the comments are yours. Give your Brand, Model name if necessary, and most helpfully, the year of the usage of the logo.

Give your opinion in the poll below, and then head over to the comments to give your choice.

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