Question: What Automotive Features Lend Themselves to Mischief?

Some questionable features are just ripe for abuse

4w ago

I have spend countless hours in the back seat of my dad's 2002 Toyota Tundra. I've had to occasion to post a review here before. It's already not a super large space, but if the seat in front of you is unfavorably positioned, it can get much worse.

Given my older brother sat in front of me in the passenger seat more often than not, I of course got knocked in the noggin by a suddenly reclining or sliding seat plenty of times. But there was a secret counter to this that could quickly escalate the situation: In the first gen Tundra, a foot pedal that violently sends the seat back of the passenger seat flying forward.

Presumably, it was put there for ease of moving the passenger seat for loading the rear, but in practice it serves as a way for kids to mess with each other to the chagrin of tired parents. It did balance things out a little as if suddenly I found the seat back bumping my forehead, I could just push that lever with my foot and the tides would turn.

So, what features in your cars seemed like a good idea on paper only to foster mischief in practice?

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Comments (3)

  • My Dad says that when he was growing up, during rides in the family minivan, he would sometimes play "Astronaut" with his brothers. This involved pulling on the doorhandle. There was one day when they forgot to lock it.

      28 days ago
    • Takes some guts to try. As long as they open conventionally you might have some trouble with it though. Fortunately, my dad's truck's backwards opening doors don't open independently of the fronts.

        28 days ago
  • Heated seat buttons on the center console. 😁

      28 days ago