Quick or fast?

The vehicle I was riding in violently catapulted forward. My intestines was forcibly rearranged in the back of my body and the passenger beside me gave out a low, desperate shriek. The strange thing is that I was not strapped into a F-18 fighter jet being catapulted off an aircraft carrier in the Persian gulf. I was in a car, more specifically a Tesla Model S with Ludicrous mode, in Stockholm at a pair of red lights. Accelerating with such force and ferocity is fascinating in several ways. The cars next to us barely passed the red lights when we reached 100km/h and the eyes of my passengers was the size of dinner plates. It was actually a lot more fun than when I did 250km/h+ on the autobahn in a Porsche GT3.

Today you read about new mega-über-cars that can do over 450km/h and have three thousand horse power. What is the point? Where can you reach that speed? Why?

What is more important and fun in a car, speed that leaves airplanes behind or an eye-watering acceleration? It all depends on what you need your car for. The point is that a top speed of over 300km/h is very rarely needed. On track or on the road. Some people I have met tells me that a track car with a top speed of under 300km/h is a shit car. Realistically, the only tracks in Europe where you maybe can reach over 300km/h is the Nürburgring main straight (which is closed on tourist days anyway) or maybe on Spa-Francorchamps if you have a Mega-car of some kind. So, do you really need the speed? I think it’s a lot more fun with an acceleration that pushes your eyes into your skull. It also gives me a fizzing feeling in the lower regions of my body. I have driven over 300km/h and I think it’s pretty uncomfortable. Both because tunnel vision, and if you make a mistake it’s usually over no matter what car you are in.

With acceleration the driving sensation is fun with funny feelings emerging in your body instead of a feeling of horror and fear, a bit safer and the lap times will be improved a lot more than if you would have a higher top speed. Same as it’s more fun to fly a Extra 300 aerobatic aircraft and pull 9g’s than fly a Concorde at mach 2.

I do have some friends that drive significantly faster than 300km/h. You all know who you are. I don't judge you for that.

Cars don’t really need more than 270-280km/h top speed on track. Driving super fast on normal roads is actually quite dangerous both for you and people around you. Make the acceleration quicker instead and keep it to the tracks and try to stay somewhat safe on the roads.

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  • @drew touchè

    2 years ago
  • Bragging rights. If your Lexus IS300 is slower to accelerate and not as good in the corners as my WRX, then you have to do "something" better than my WRX, regardless of how unimportant that thing is in day-to-day life. Like you mentioned in your other article, men must be better than their rivals in every way, ever. The competitive spirit will never die, but it will fight some silly fights.

    2 years ago


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