Quick, slick and ready to kick: The C8 Corvette

The all new C8 may be far different than the C7, but its far better.

13w ago

Chevorlet has been making plans for a mid-engine Corvette for decades and decades. It has finally arrived and I don't think that General Motors could have done a better job on the all new C8 Corvette Stingray. It still uses a V-8 only its in the back. This improves handling and driving performance. Not only does this car perform like a supercar, but it has the looks as well. This is still only the beginning for the C8 however and there is far more exciting things to come from it.

The mid engine Corvette is powered by a 6.2 L naturally aspirated V-8 with a cross-plane crankshaft. This Chevy motor still used pushrods, which is excellent because they provide lots of low end torque with a more efficient curve. Also you get high rpm horsepower, which is exactly where you need it. It produces 490 horsepower and 470 lb ft of torque. These are strong numbers in a mid-engine Corvette that only weighs 3,366 pounds. The C8 can propel from 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds thanks to its quick shifting Tremec transmission and power output. This is blisteringly quick in a car that has an MSRP of just $60,000. And since the engine is in the middle the C8 will handle like a dream.

The interior of the C8 is very unique. All of your buttons and screens are facing inward in front of you. This is one of the most driver focused interiors you will see in a car. It is total fighter jet style and it is a fantastic design. The seats in this one are in brown leather and it matches well with the brushed silver paint job. The best part of the interior though is when you look behind your back, you can see the powerful V-8 just lurking.

When it comes to the design of the car, it is very controversial. Some say it is to much like a Ferrari or Mclaren or that it looks boring. There are many diverse opinions. I think it looks extravagant. It is more squared off in places that most supercars or angular and curvy and it makes for a bespoke design. Yet it still looks like a Corvette. I really like it from every angle and it does truly look like a high-performing supercar. I do still think its an exotic sports car, but I guarantee you the Z06 will most definitely be a pure supercar.

Even though the car is mid-engined, It still has a few factors of practicality and I think that you could still daily drive this Corvette. It has a front trunk or a "Frunk" if you like to call it that. In here you could probably kidnap a small child or put some of your tools or maybe even groceries in front. Okay I don't condone kidnapping any children, but I am just saying that the trunk is a fair size. In the back the entire rear hatch extends up, reveling the motor and another trunk. In here you can fit the removable roof or two golf bags. I decided to just put a bottle of motor oil in here and some spare tools.

Well there you have it folks. The all new C8 Corvette. It marks the beginning of a new era and one that we should all look forward too. The Corvette is perfect for daily driving, drifting, accelerating, breaking the law and even impressing a crowd. Thanks for reading and if you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more!

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  • great article and photos, zakk! my opinion is kind of opposite to yours about this car 😂. with my order of the vettes, it goes:









      3 months ago
    • Thank you very much Toby. Ha! we all have different taste. Thanks for sharing the list it was fun to view!

        3 months ago
    • no problem, thanks for sharing the article!

        3 months ago
  • I just cant deal with the C8, but anyways the silver color combined with black wheels looks great 👍 Nice article!

      3 months ago
  • Great write up! Got to love the irony of how 98% of all Corvette models have die cast metal bodies.

      3 months ago
  • yusss the c8

      3 months ago
    • This car started my love in Murican cars once again

        3 months ago
    • The Ram Rebel TRX, GT500, and other cars helped as well

        3 months ago
  • Great article as always! I love that combination of the silver exterior and the tan interior!

      3 months ago