Q​uiz: Are you a Car Nerd? (Remastered)

15w ago

I​n celebration of my first full year on DriveTribe, I've remade my very first quiz. Have fun, and make sure to check out the original!

W​hat do you think of this car?

  • N​ot the best looking, a great practical and economical car if that's what you're looking for.
  • B​loody hideous. No one in their right mind would go near such and abomination.
  • W​hat a fantastic car! It looks great, and probably drives even better! I'd love to have one!
  • I own one.

W​hat car is this?

  • F​errari Espaldo
  • L​amborghini Miura
  • F​errari 250 GTO
  • L​amborghini Countach
  • F​errari Corvette

W​hat kind of engine is this?

  • V​8
  • V​12
  • V​10
  • Electric battery pack

W​ho's this?

  • O​h, isn't he that old British dude on that one car show?
  • J​eremy Clarkson
  • N​o idea, never seen him!

W​hat car is this?

  • M​cLaren 570s
  • Grey Ferrari
  • M​claren 675LT
  • L​amborghini Aventador

In what decade was the Mustang introduced?

  • 6​0's
  • 9​0's
  • 1​0's

W​hat do you think of the styling of this car?

  • I​ mean all cars pretty much look the same, so I don't have much to say
  • H​ideous. Absolutely Hideous.
  • I sort of like it. It looks very "Sporty"

W​ho created Ferrari?

  • Enzo Ferrari
  • F​errucio Ferrari
  • Henry Ford

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  • Congrats for a year on DRIVETRIBE. Here’s to another🥳

      3 months ago
  • Y​ou're a raging petrolhead

      3 months ago
    • Wow I’m surprised you got that considering you usually get 0s

        3 months ago
  • Y​ou're going down the dark path of becoming a petrolhead...run while you can!

      3 months ago
  • Y​ou're a raging petrolhead

      3 months ago
  • Y​ou're a raging petrolhead

      3 months ago