An easy one to start. Can you hippies name this street and where?

  • Lombard Street, San Francisco, California
  • Vermont Street, Potrero Hill, California
  • Every street I walk down after a night at the boozer

Ok Gringo's, what is the name and location of this bad boy?

  • Looks like the M1 on Mars
  • Ruta CH 23, Chile
  • Pan-American Highway any where in South America

G'day, do you think you know where and what this one's called?

  • Margate's loop road
  • Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia
  • Bruce Highway, Queensland, Australia

Don't be sheepish, have a guess. Where this one?

  • Wales, it's got to be Wales
  • Crown Range Road, Queenstown New Zealand
  • Haast Pass, Wanaka, New Zealand

It wouldn't be cricket not to include this road. But where is this?

  • Ian Botham's driveway
  • Makran Coastal Highway, Pakistan
  • Karakoram Highway, China/Pakistan

Don't 'Balk' with your answer. Where is this stunning road?

  • Transfagarasan, Romania
  • The Swindon Bypass
  • Cazanele Dunarii, Romania

You must have 'Alf a' idea by now. Where is this?

  • The Great Dolomites Road, Italy
  • That road in the Italian Job
  • Stelvio Pass - Italy

This road is as sweet as chocolate, but where is it?

  • The street that has the Willy Wonka factory
  • Furka Pass, Switzerland
  • Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

Maybe you can 'aFjord' to travel here for a drive. But where is it?

  • Santa's way, Greenland
  • Trollstigen, Rauma, Norway
  • Atlanterhavsveien, Norway

This last one should peek the interest for those with RHD cars - so, where is this?

  • Could be any road in the UK, the all look like this
  • Peak District, England
  • Cheddar Gorge, England
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