Quiz: Can You Answer These Difficult Questions About The Bugatti Chiron?

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Let's start easy - where does the name 'Chiron' come from?

  • A barbaric God in Greek mythology
  • A Legendary Bugatti Driver
  • One of the four asteroids in your birth chart
  • A sea wasp

What's so special about its transmission?

  • It has the most gears out of any transmission
  • It's The Most Power-Sufficient Transmission Ever Built
  • It's fitted with the biggest clutch in any production car

The Chiron's exhaust pipes differs from other conventional exhausts in one major way. Which?

  • It's able to create extra downforce
  • It looks evil!
  • It's Made Out Of Gold That's Wrapped In Titanium
  • It's designed to be more aerodynamic

How many radiators does the Chiron have?

  • 10
  • 8
  • 5
  • 9

With those 10 radiators being busy cooling the car, how many liters of oxygen does the Chiron need every minute?

  • 60,000 Liters
  • 250,000 liters
  • 40,000 liters
  • 80,000 liters

How many months does it take to build a single Chiron?

  • 6
  • 4
  • 8
  • 11

Now it's time for the interior stuff. Ready?

  • Yes!
  • N‚Äčo

What's so special about its light conductor?

  • It's the most light-accurate light conductor in any production car
  • It has the longest light conductor ever fitted to a car
  • It's Got Mini-LEDs Rather Than Conventional LEDs
  • It's the only C-bar light strip in a production car

Which one of these statements regarding the Chiron's interior is true?

  • The Airbags Sit In A Carbonfibre Housing
  • The start-button is located on the center console
  • The dashboard is purely digital
  • The steering wheel is 3D-printed

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