Quiz: Can you guess the hilariously bad car names?

    1y ago


    On the 9th day of Quizmas, James King gave to me, a quiz that filled me full of glee

    This is the Isuzu…

    • GIGA 20 Light Dump
    • GIGA 20 Heavy Dump
    • GIGA 20 45 mins Dump

    This is the Bitter…

    • CD
    • Breakup
    • Brew

    This is the Daihatsu…

    • Naked
    • Bare
    • One Night Stand

    This is the Ford…

    • Probe
    • Colonoscopy
    • Haemorrhoids

    This is the Geely…

    • Rural Nanny
    • Urban Nanny
    • Metropolitan Babysitter

    This is the Honda…

    • That's
    • That's life
    • That's what all the people say

    This is the Isuzu…

    • Mysterious Utility Wizard
    • Enigmatic Utility Warlock
    • Effervescent Utility Mage

    This is the Mazda…

    • Bongo Friendee
    • Samba Chummy
    • Limbo Matey

    This is the Mazda…

    • Carol "Me Lady"
    • Susan "Me Darling"
    • Betty "Me Pumpkin"

    This is the Mazda

    • Scrum Wagon
    • Huddle Wagon
    • Hug Wagon

    This is the Mazda…

    • TITAN Dump
    • HEAVY Dump

    This is the Mitsubishi…

    • Lettuce
    • Cabbage
    • Sprout

    This is the Nissan…

    • Homy Super Long
    • Homy Gently Love
    • Homy Passion Wagon

    This is the Renault…

    • LeCar
    • LeRenault
    • LeMotorvehicle

    This is the Volugrafo…

    • Bimbo
    • Jezebel
    • My ex girlfriend Sasha

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    Comments (201)

    • Why do I know this shit


        1 year ago
    • 0%

        1 year ago
    • 93%

        1 year ago
    • I'm actually glad about that, because half of the vehicles look like they only been sold in the middle east


        1 year ago
    • Editor, You forgot Suzuki Hustler. Fail.

        1 year ago


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