Quiz: Can you identify these cars by their initials? (Part 18)

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Aston Martin called it the V. V.

  • Vanquish Volante
  • Vantage Volante
  • Valhalla Volante
  • Valkyrie Volante

This is the Renault E.

  • Espace
  • Epace
  • Elly
  • Evil

Skoda calls it the S. S.

  • Superb Scout
  • Sports Scout
  • Stilt Spot
  • Superb Sport

This is the Nissan M.

  • Murano
  • Maxima
  • Muller
  • Miller

Lotus calls it the E. C. H. E.

  • Elise Classic Heritage Edition
  • Exige Classic Heritage Edition
  • Evora Core Heritage Edition
  • Exige Core Heritage Edition

This is the Hyundai K.

  • Kona
  • Kite
  • Kone
  • Kiln

Porsche calls it the 911 C. C.

  • Carrera Cabriolet
  • Carrera Coupe
  • Carrera Condo
  • Carrera Cub

This is the Jeep G. C. T.

  • Grand Cherokee Trackhawk
  • Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
  • Gran Cherokee Trackhawk
  • Gran Cherokee Trailhawk

Dodge calls it the C. M. D. P.

  • Challenger Mopar Drag Pak
  • Challenger Mopar Drag Pack
  • Challenger Mopar Dirt Pack
  • Challenger Mopar Drift Pak

This is the BMW i8 R.

  • Roadster
  • Roomster
  • Roofless
  • Rapture

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