Quiz: Can you identify these cars by their initials? (Part 19)

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Volkswagen calls it the G. A.

  • Golf Alltrack
  • Golf Allterrain
  • Gulf Alltrack
  • Gulf Allterrain

This is the Suzuki I.

  • Ignis
  • Iris
  • Ingenious
  • Indie

Vauxhall calls it the M.

  • Mokka
  • Munch
  • Mink
  • Monk

This is the Audi S3 S.

  • Sportback
  • Scout
  • Sport
  • Slug

Bentley called it the C. S.

  • Continental Supersports
  • Continental Sport
  • Continental Speed
  • Continental Swag

This is the Toyota M.

  • Mirai
  • Murai
  • Murry
  • Monk

Fiat called it the 124 S. A.

  • Spider Abarth
  • Sport Abarth
  • Spider Avant
  • Sport Avant

This was the Lamborghini V. R.

  • Veneno Roadster
  • Veneno Roofless
  • Very Rampant
  • Vale Roadster

Lucid calls it the A.

  • Air
  • Ark
  • Ant
  • Ale

This is the Mercedes-Benz SLC F. E.

  • Final Edition
  • Few Emissions
  • Frat Edition
  • Finger Emissions

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