Quiz: can you identify these cars only by the brake lights?

      Do you reckon you can tell what a car is from just its brake lights? - Give this quiz a go. If you're a massive car nerd then I expect 100%

      3y ago


      Share your scores with us in the comments....

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      Comments (181)

      • Nobody knew about Rimac until Hammond crashed it and suddenly it's a quiz material...

          3 years ago
      • Last time I checked, the Kia soul is not a SUV, lmao

          3 years ago
      • Last time I checked, the Durango isn't a muscle car.

          3 years ago
        • Indeed, trying to trick us. If a Durango can be called a muscle car then so could a truck.... But muscle cars were pretty much just cars with truck engines originally. You could probably call the kia a CUV.

            3 years ago
      • The Dodge Charger, dart, and Durango all have the same tail lights and the charger is the only muscle car of that group. Also the Ford Mondeo pictured would be called a fussion to the rest of the world and it is not typically a hatchback. Actually in America it's only a sedan.

          3 years ago
        • They need to start giving us a country of reference. Supercars are pretty standard across the globe, most other cars are not.

            3 years ago
        • Just assume it’s all coming from the UK/Europe. DT is pretty crappy about accommodating people from around the world.

            1 year ago
      • 5/12 But The Kia isn't a SUV and the Durango isn't a Muscle Car its a SUV so if you would have classified those two right it would be 7/12

          3 years ago


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