Quiz: Can you name these road signs?

2y ago

Some of them are pretty wacky

Let us start off easy

  • There is a fire on top of the car
  • No vehicles carrying explosives
  • Richard Hammond is in the car

What does this mean?

  • There is a nearby power plant
  • Risk of electric shock
  • Overhead electric cables

A bit more harder

  • Incoming tank
  • Slow moving military vehicles
  • Nearby military training facility

A bit of a wacky one

  • Water course alongside road ahead
  • The car is falling in a small stream
  • Slippery when wet

Yes this does exist

  • Incoming Ford driver
  • Ford factory ahead
  • Shallow point in a river where a car crosses

Can't be too hard

  • No vehicles expect horse-drawn ones
  • No horse-drawn vehicles
  • Horse-drawn vehicles likely to be crossing the road

What does this road sign mean?

  • Stunts with bikes jumping over cars ahead
  • Only cars and motorbikes allowed
  • No motor vehicles

Here is a another easy one

  • Watch out for mole holes
  • Sharp bends ahead where diverted traffic is
  • The road has three speed humps ahead

Another unusual sign

  • Cars may be parked on marked on footways that is marked
  • Unlevel parking ahead
  • Risk of cars falling over

Okay here is a super easy one

  • 40 miles of nothing ahead
  • 40 mph speed limit
  • Mid-life crisis

Looks easy enough

  • Fence ahead
  • Railway tack ahead
  • Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead

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