Quiz: Guess the glow | part 2

      1y ago


      What's this car?

      • Nike ONE
      • Lexus LC500
      • BMW i3

      What's this car?

      • Polestar 1
      • Honda Civic Type-R
      • Ford F-150

      What's this car?

      • Aston Martin Vantage
      • Porsche 911
      • Rimac Concept_One

      What's this car?

      • Alfa Romeo Giulia
      • Maserati Ghibli
      • Toyota Prius Prime

      What's this car?

      • Mercedes GLA
      • Koenigsegg Agera
      • Nissan Leaf

      What's this car?

      • Dodge Challenger
      • Pontiac GTO
      • Holden Torana

      What's this car?

      • Mazda RX-7
      • Nissan Skyline R32
      • Ferrari F430

      What's this car?

      • Mclaren 570S
      • Alfa Romeo Stelvio
      • Pininfarina Battista

      What's this car?

      • BMW 7-Series
      • Audi A8
      • Lincoln Continental

      What's this car?

      • Toyota Prius
      • Ford Focus
      • Volvo XC90

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      Comments (289)

      • Wow this is a really fun, well executed idea dor a quiz!

          1 year ago
      • Nice quiz i've had fun

          1 year ago
      • I used to do this as a kid while on the road. Great fun, wish it was a tiny bit harder.

          1 year ago
        • Same. I remember playing this game with my dad. He could tell any car in the dark from a mile away!

          I was quite impressed by that πŸ˜€

            1 year ago
      • Utter guesswork... I don’t often see others tail lights πŸ˜‰ Great quiz concept

          1 year ago
      • 100%

          1 year ago


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