Quiz: How well do you know these American badges?

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What does the R/T found on high-performance Dodges stand for?

  • Racing/Technology
  • Road/Track
  • Racing/Track
  • Racing/Tuned

How about the SS badges on top-of-the-line Chevrolets?

  • Super Street
  • Street Sport
  • Street Speed
  • Super Sport

Another Chevy. What does the ZR1 badge on Corvettes stand for?

  • Zero Racer
  • Zora Racer
  • Z Racer

Ford's RS badge?

  • Race & Street
  • Rally & Street
  • Race Sport
  • Rallye Sport

One last Ford. What does the SVT found on the F-150 Raptor, among other vehicles, mean?

  • Special Vehicle Team
  • Sport Vehicle Team
  • Street Vehicle Team
  • Special Vehicle Tune
  • Sport Vehicle Tune
  • Street Vehicle Tune

Uses of the SRT badge include Dodge's Hellcat twins, Demon, and Viper. What does it mean?

  • Street, Road, & Track
  • Street, Rally, & Track
  • Sport, Race, & Track
  • Street & Racing Technology
  • Sport & Racing Technology
  • Street & Rally Technology

Hardest one: First seen as a stripped-down Neon trim in 95, then added as the highest Viper trim in 99, what's the ACR?

  • Aerodynamic Club Racing
  • American Circuit Racing
  • Aerodynamic Competition Racing
  • Aerodynamic Coupe Racing
  • American Coupe Racing
  • Aerodynamic Circuit Racing
  • American Club Racing
  • American Competition Racing

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