Quiz: I can tell where you should go on your next holiday

2y ago

When you go on holiday you like to…

  • Stay in one place – holidays are an excuse to chill out
  • Get a car and go roadtripping
  • Hike from place to place
  • Use these things called “trains” and “buses” to explore like locals

What’s your spirit animal?

  • Polar bear
  • Dolphin
  • Penguin
  • Lion
  • Bald Eagle
  • Honey Badger
  • High-vis llama

How do you get your petrolhead fix on holiday?

  • Riding electric bicycles
  • Renting a fast car
  • Watching a race
  • Riding a scooter dangerously in only my underwear
  • I turn the car part of my brain off on holiday

If you had to be a continent, which would you be?

  • Europe – I've got cheese, chocolate and curvy roads for days
  • North America – I've got everything Europe has, but bigger. But with worse chocolate
  • South America – I'm a bewildering collision of cultures, flavours, scenes and hats
  • Africa – I'm by turns beautiful, wild, delicious and most importantly have an army of elephants
  • Australasia – Spiders, snakes, views for days, surfing for weeks and Utes for years
  • Asia – I love unbelievable food, cool culture, well-kept secrets and cars no one else in the world gets to see

What's your holiday style?

  • If the hotel doesn’t have at least five stars I’m taking my Gucci handbag elsewhere
  • I actually have AirBnB tattooed on my face
  • If a rat doesn’t crawl over my face in the night it’s not authentic
  • Three star hotels are the sweet spot, my man

Your biggest holiday fear is…

  • Cancelled flights
  • Grotty accommodation
  • Getting a crap hire car
  • Sudden illness
  • Running out of money
  • Snakes

You’re going on a roadtrip on a different continent. Which car do you hire?

  • The cheapest one. It’s only transport, duh
  • A convertible – AKA god’s sunroof
  • An SUV – I want to be comfortable and feel like a baller
  • Something with a premium badge – I don’t want to lower my standards just ‘cos I’m on holiday

Your favourite holiday memories tend to be…

  • Beautiful photographs
  • Romantic reminiscences
  • Another restaurant to add to your ‘best-ever’ list
  • Hazy memories of a city’s nightlife
  • Staring down a ski slope wondering if that last Jägermeister was wise
  • Stunning roads to revisit

Finally, do you like kangaroos?

  • I love the furry guys
  • The hoppy lil bastards creep me out

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