Quiz: Name that 80's red sporty car -easy

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Which Toyota is this?

  • Celica
  • Corolla SR-5
  • MR2

Which Porsche is this?

  • 944
  • 924
  • 928

Which Nissan Z car is this?

  • 280ZX
  • 300ZX
  • 350Z

This car had many names. Pick the one that isn't correct.

  • Mitsubishi Starion
  • Dodge Starion
  • Colt Starion
  • Chrysler Conquest
  • Plymouth Conquest
  • Dodge Conquest

What car is this?

  • Isuzu Impulse
  • Subaru XT6
  • Mazda RX7

Which BMW is this?

  • 3-series
  • 5-series
  • 6-series

Which Opel is this?

  • Monza GSE
  • Manta GSi
  • Ascona R

Which Mazda is this?

  • RX7
  • RX8
  • RX5

Which Audi is this?

  • Quattro
  • 4000
  • Coupe

What car is this?

  • Volvo 480 Turbo
  • Honda Civic Si
  • Mitsubishi Colt Turbo

What Honda is this?

  • Civic
  • Accord
  • Prelude

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