QUIZ: What German car brand are you?

44w ago

Have you ever wondered what Teutonic car manufacturer matches your personality? ...well fret no more as your prayers have been answered!

You're thinking of seeing a movie tonight - what genre do you go for?

  • A period drama
  • A slick action flick
  • A cutting-edge thriller
  • Something with perfect reviews...nothing less
  • Anything family friendly
  • Whatever's popular I guess...

You decide to go for a meal at your favourite restaurant - what do you eat?

  • Traditional comfort food
  • Something lean and light
  • Something complex I couldn't cook at home
  • I will only eat what the chef says are the best dishes
  • Something not too spicy, for the kids
  • The most popular item on the menu

You're planning a night/day out - where do you choose?

  • A classic pub
  • A social run
  • An EDM night
  • The best cocktail bar in town
  • A trip to a fun aquarium
  • Whatever my friends say they want to do

During your day out some ruffians start accosting your group - how do you react?

  • Offer to buy them another drink, apologise and shake their hand
  • Start squaring up
  • Try to talk them down logically
  • You're best friends with the manager here, they wont last long
  • Walk away, but be ready to protect friends and family
  • Try and blend in with your friends - strength in numbers and all

You decide to do some exercise the following morning - how do you work up a sweat?

  • A walk in the countryside
  • Boxing and MMA
  • Crossfit
  • My private personal trainer comes to see me
  • Online/home workouts...time is at a premium
  • Whatever's the most popular way to burn calories really

It's now the weekend and you decide to go for a drive - what's your plan?

  • A relaxing road trip
  • Hammering some country lanes
  • Pensive night-time city driving
  • Trough the channel tunnel for a grand tour of Europe
  • Just a drive to the local tourist attractions
  • Wherever my friends tell me is nice

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