Quiz: What trim of the E-Class suits you best?

    47w ago


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    What's your choice of fuel?

    • Petrol
    • Diesel
    • Hybrid

    What describes you best?

    • Stylish individual who wants to stand out.
    • Individual who prefers to blend in rather than showing off.
    • Family guy who is willing to sacrifice his style and glamour for his/her family

    Do you think AMG badges are important?

    • Nah, they're good, but too much for me.
    • Nah, AMG badge has lost its heritage. Honestly 43 and 53 AMGs don't make any sense! Bring me my V8!
    • The AMG badge is what's important for me. I don't care if it's a 43, 53, or a 63.
    • I love the environment. Therefore AMG is my enemy.

    Pick a place that you'd like to spend your weekend.

    • North Wales to go offroading
    • A track day at Silverstone
    • Err... With my family?
    • Environmental protests in London

    How much is your budget?

    • Enough
    • Plenty
    • Extreme

    How often will you use this Merc?

    • Daily!
    • Three or four times a week
    • Only on the weekends

    Why would you want to buy an E-Class?

    • I don't want to say something like "I drive a Hyundai"
    • Their interior and stylish design
    • The V8 of course!
    • Innovative technology
    • Daily usability and fuel economy

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