Quiz: What's that badge? Round 2!

2y ago

Here's a few offerings from America's Big Three auto manufacturers. What can you figure out about these badgings?

What does the IROC on the Chevy Camaro IROC-Z and Dodge Daytona IROC stand for?

  • International Race of Champions
  • International Rally of Champions
  • International Racing Official Car
  • International Rally Official Car
  • It stands for something different on either car.
  • It's just random letters with no meaning on both cars.

Available on both the first-year 1970 Dodge Challenger, then again on the '17-18 models, what does the T/A trim mean?

  • Track Attack
  • Trans American
  • True American
  • Track Animal
  • Time Attack
  • It's just cool letters.

On the topic of the original Dodge Challenger- It's sibling, the '70 Plymouth 'Cuda had a similar trim, AAR. What is it?

  • All American Rally
  • American Aero Racing
  • All American Racers
  • American Aero Rally
  • American Road Racing
  • American Rally Racing
  • They're meaningless letters.

The '70 Charger included the R/T SE & 500 SE trims. What does the SE denote? Note that there was no physical SE badge.

  • Special Edition
  • Special Equipped
  • Sport Equipped
  • Sport Edition
  • Sport Extreme
  • Seventh Edition
  • Sedan Equipment
  • Sedan Edition
  • Supreme Edition
  • Select Edition
  • Select Equipment
  • It doesn't stand for anything.

The notorious Buick GNX: what is it actually named after?

  • Grand National Extreme
  • Grand National Experimental
  • Grand National Exclusive
  • Grand National... X?
  • It's just meaningless letters.

What does the ST mean on the sporty Ford Focus ST?

  • Street Tuned
  • Sport Tuned
  • Street Technology
  • Sport Technology
  • Super Touring
  • The letters have no real meaning.

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  • I can’t remember but I think I did better on this one than the last one. Go figure

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