Quiz: Which Crossover SUV Should You Drive?

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How far is your daily commute?

  • About 10 minutes. I work just around the corner.
  • Really far but not much traffic.
  • About average but there's lots of traffic!

How many people will regularly ride in your car?

  • My small family
  • Lots of people. We'll be packed in like sardines.

Where will you park your SUV at night?

  • In my garage
  • In my driveway
  • On the street
  • In a shared parking lot or garage

How much do you want to spend?

  • I'm loaded...money is no object.
  • I'd like something nice that won't break the bank

Do you want the latest tech?

  • Of course! I need all the latest and greatest gadgets.
  • I prefer a more simple car, but would like a few modern conveniences.
  • I want plenty of tech, but not at the cost of reliability.

How important are driving dynamics?

  • Very important! I still want my crossover to drive like a sports car.
  • Not very important. I just want a practical, family car.
  • As long as its fast, I'm happy!

How often will you take your crossover off-road?

  • All the time!
  • I may occasionally drive down a muddy driveway.
  • Pretty much never. As long as it clears speed bumps I'm good.
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