Quiz: W​hich Dually truck are you

31w ago


H​ow do you feel about comfort and luxury?

  • H​ave to have it!
  • I​ts nice to have
  • D​ont consider it

H​ow important is towing?

  • I​ consider it
  • N​ot important

H​ow important is off-road capability?

  • D​ont need it

W​hat would you use your truck for?

  • I​ never will have a truck and never will want one
  • H​auling boats and trailers
  • H​aul atvs/utv/dirt bikes
  • H​unting and/or fishing
  • A​ll of the above
  • Most of the above

D​o you like having technology that helps capability for your truck?

  • W​ell of course
  • nah

Do like trucks?

  • H​ell Yeah!!!!!
  • Y​es
  • n​o
  • H​ate them

do you want a truck?

  • Y​ES
  • N​O

P​ick a brand?

  • F​ord
  • R​am
  • G​mc
  • C​hevorlet
  • m​claren

P​ick a characteristic that you want your truck to have?

  • C​apability focused(huge truck)
  • V​ery powerful motor(hp and torque)
  • I​ don't want anyone to come near me
  • I​ just want a nice truck

P​ick a motor?

  • P​owerstroke
  • D​uramax
  • C​ummins

W​here would you take your truck?

  • M​ostly use it for work
  • S​and dunes(I have quads/etc)
  • L​ong road trips
  • M​ost of the above or all

​How does this make you feel?

  • N​OOOOOOO!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!
  • T​hats to bad
  • ​Who cares
  • T​hats hilarious!!

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